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Attendance and Detention Policy 2020

In New York, the State Education Department (SED) defines chronic absenteeism as missing 10 percent of school days - or 18 days or more per year in a 180-day school year. That's about two days per month. Notably, that includes both excused and unexcused absences.

Aligning itself with New York State Policy: a parent conference will be required with Aquinas students who are absent for more than 5 days per quarter, 10 days a semester, 20 days per year, to determine next steps. This conference also applies to minor courses that do not meet every day, i.e. students may not miss more than 2 days if the class only meets 16 days per quarter, 4 days per semester. If it is determined in the parent conference that the student should not earn course credit, summer school or an alternative summer long project will be required. 

As a deterrent to lateness, absenteeism, and failure to follow school policies, beginning Monday, October 19, Aquinas will institute daily "Virtual Detention" from 7:25 AM to 7:55 AM. Code: Detention.

All Detentions are Remote and must be served from home. Hybrid students may not serve detention in School.  


Students will serve Detentions for any of the following:


1. An unexcused absence (truancy) from any class

2. 3 unexcused latenesses or early withdrawals from any class

3. Being out of uniform for any class

4. Failing to be on screen for any class without teacher approval

5. Behavioral infractions


The student will be notified by the teacher and be expected to serve the Virtual Detention the next day. If a student misses the Virtual Detention, she will be expected to serve two Virtual Detentions.

Failure to serve these detentions, or repeated detentions, will result in a Parent Conference to determine next steps.

Any student who misses class assignments, quizzes, or tests as a result of an unexcused absence or lateness will also receive zeros on those assignments.

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