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End of the Year Procedures

Final Exams

May 22nd-------------------Senior Exams------------------ELA Due at 11:00 AM

May 26th-------------------Senior Exams------------------Government & Economics at 12:00 PM

May 27th-------------------Senior Exams------------------Religion-Due at 10:00 AM, Math-Due at 12:00 PM

May 28th-------------------Senior Exams-------------------Health-Due at 10:00 AM, Electives-Due at 12:00 PM

June 3rd--------------------Underclassmen Exams-----Global History AND US History: Due at 10:00 AM, Religion- Due at 12:00 PM

June 4th--------------------Underclassmen Exams-----Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Earth Science:Due at 10:00 AM, Mathematics: 12:00 PM

June 5th--------------------Underclassmen Exams-----ELA: Due at 10:00 AM, Spanish AND Electives:12:00 PM    

Locker Clean Out (By Sign Up Only)

We are going to have Locker Clean-out, Textbook and Chromebook Return on the following dates (click on date to sign up):
This will be OPTIONAL.  If you or your parents are not comfortable coming out to do this now, you can wait until another time in July or August. Your contents from your locker will be bagged and labeled for you. You may also drop off and clean out lockers for your sibling.
  • Social Distancing will be Enforced.  No HUGGING of other students or teachers allowed.
NO ONE WITHOUT A MASK (mouth and nose covering) will be PERMITTED INTO THE SCHOOL. Masks are required. Gloves are recommended.
  • We are allowing for 10 people an hour to sign up, but you must come during the hour for which you sign up. We are limiting each student visit to 10 minutes and then you must leave the property. We are assuming you will space yourselves out over that hour. Do not plan to arrive with a group of your fellow students, because we will make you wait outside on the Belmont Street Entrance, 6 feet apart, since we will only allow two students at a time into the locker room. If you do not come during the time you signed up for, you will have to wait until there is space to fit you in, but people who signed up for that time will be taken first.
  • You MUST RETURN ALL of your TEXTBOOKS (or pay for them, credit cards will be accepted -- we don’t want the money -- we want the books) and Chromebook if you borrowed one.
  • You will be permitted to go to the Locker Room first to clean out your locker (BRING BAGS to take home anything you want to take home) and to get any textbooks that you have in your locker.



School Closing