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Scholarships & Financial Aid


Academic awards are based on the student’s grades from the 6th through 8th, standardized test scores, teacher recommendations, attendance, and TACHS Exam scores. Once given an Academic Award, students must maintain their high academic performance of 80% or better, serve as student leaders and models of Aquinas Values which are subject to review annually. 

Scholarship dollar amounts vary from $2,000 to $8,000. Students awarded an academic scholarship will be notified in their acceptance letter. 


External Programs

BridgeUP: CORE Scholars

BridgeUP is a co-ed, after-school program that offers qualified students from Aquinas High School & Cardinal Hayes High School a safety net of support beginning in 9th grade, all the way through high school graduation. The BridgeUP Family provides its Scholars with the resources & preparation that lead them to successfully graduate from high school with skills, confidence, and mindset needed to excel in the years that follow. BridgeUP offers its Scholars tuition assistance of $5,000 per year, long-term mentorship, academic support, college & career prep, summer internships and so much more! 

Click Here to Apply!

Please note: This program is only open to the Class of 2024! 


Inner City Scholarship Fund through Archdioceses of New York 

New applicants: Archdiocesan Scholarships are accepted through Inner City--Scholarship Fund or Children Scholarship Fund. Families should seek guidance from their elementary school principal regarding applying. Please include Aquinas High School as your school of choice.

Current scholars: For families who currently have an award through Inner - City Scholarship Fund or Children Scholarship Fund, please renew the application with your elementary school representative in the Spring and include Aquinas High School as your school of choice.


Financial Aid, Making Catholic Education Affordable

Financial Aid is need based aid in which any family can apply. Aquinas High School has partnered with FACTS Management to secure applications, verification of documents and distribution of awards. There is a $35 application fee per family. Please select the link below to apply. 
Items you will need when applying: 
  • Signed 2018 income tax returns 
  • W-2 forms and other records of money earned 
  • Records of untaxed income, such as child support received, IRA/ pension deductions, veteran’s benefits, or military allowances 
  • Federal and State funded program budget letters
Once the appropriate documents are verified, the Financial Aid application will be processed by Aquinas High School. You will receive a decision within 2-3 weeks after the documents have been verified. 
Financial Aid results vary per family based on need and availability of funds. 
Who to contact regarding Financial Aid through Aquinas High School...
Celeste Calabro
Tuition & Financial Aid Specialist
Nereida Contreras
School Business Manager,
Director of Financial Aid
Kelly Hernandez
Director of Enrollment Management & School Marketing