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Welcome to Guidance

One of the major goals of Aquinas High School is to enable students to achieve their full potential for growth and development. To assist students in realizing this goal, the Guidance Department provides a wide range of educational, social, vocational, and personal services.


Individual Counseling

Provides a comprehensive service to students in an atmosphere of openness and confidence.


Group Guidance

Students are programmed for group guidance once per seven-day cycle. The goal of this program is to have each student recognize that she has choices to make about her present and future, and that she must assume responsibility for those choices.

Helping students make meaningful choices is an ongoing process that involves self-awareness, knowledge, and skills. Orientation to high school, graduation requirements, college plans, college entrance testing, voluntary service, career planning, and standardized testing form the content of the curriculum.


Guidance Resource Center

The Guidance suite is an environment designed to provide students with all the information needed to inform and guide the adolescent decision-making process. Books, college videos, reference materials, computers and computer programs are available to every student. In addition, Aquinites take standardized tests, interest inventories and surveys to help identify special interests, talents, and abilities - all the necessary ingredients for making life choices. Computer-assisted searches are also available in the guidance area.

Part-time employment - Employment opportunities are posted.


Enrichment Programs

Aquinites may continue their studies in the summer and throughout the school year in various programs including the AFS study abroad, the Science and Technology Entry Program at Fordham University (STEP), the Einstein Enrichment Program at the Einstein College of Medicine, The HOBY International Leadership Seminar, the Inner City Jobs Program, the Writing/Reading Enrichment Program and Engineering Women's Forum at Columbia University, the Cornell University CURIE Program, After School Adventures in Wildlife at the Bronx Zoo, and the Gilder-Lehrman Academy of American Studies, Youth Trial Advocacy Program, the Fast Track Program, READ Program and New York Botanical Garden Explainer Program.


Other Services

Testing - Various tests and inventories are administered to aid students in selecting courses, plan careers, and identify areas for improvement. Interpretations of these instruments in Guidance classes and individual sessions provide opportunities for understanding of test scores.


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