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Among the many statements on religious education from the Second Vatican Council was the assertion that Christian doctrine should be presented “in a manner adapted to the needs of the times.” The 12th year program’s focus is on Sacred Scripture and the Church and the Social Gospel.


This course is an introduction to the basic principles for understanding and interpreting the Bible. The course gives an overview of the unity of the Divine Plan of Salvation, the presence of God’s action in the record of Revelation and God’s desire to share merciful love with humanity. The authorship, dates of composition and formation of text of each Book of the Bible is addressed. (1 Unit)


This unit helps the student recognize that since Christ identified himself with the “least and the poorest” we must accept the responsibility to address worldwide issues such as hunger, homelessness, peace and the ethic of life. It will also help students to understand the scriptural roots of the Church’s social teaching and its implication in their lives. Students are also expected to critique modern societal values in light of the gospel message. (1 Unit)


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