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Students will, in this course, continue to develop those skills studied in ninth year in the areas of grammar, spelling, vocabulary, writing, speaking and literature. Literature will be examined for form and meaning. 1020 and 1021 prepare students to take the English Language Common Core Regents in January of junior year.
R-H - Approval of department required. (1 Unit)


This course is designed to prepare students for the English Language Common Core Regents Examination. The focus is on using texts to write detailed short answers and essays, which include persuasive writing. Students will complete a variety of reading comprehension passages, including topics in science, history, law, etc. This focus on non-fiction, as well as on short stories and poems, will help students improve reading comprehension in all subject areas. Students also study grammar, vocabulary, and communications. The communications unit will focus on public speaking, interview skills, resumes and cover letters. Performance and participation of students are required. (1 Unit)
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