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Honor Roll

School Honors are determined and published for each marking period based
on the weighted academic marks for the quarter. A passing grade must be
earned in Physical Education for listing on an honor roll. However, this grade
is not included in the weighted average. The extended-day music grades are
not included.
Principal's Honors - 90% Average or higher - all grades above 85%  or higher. 
First Honors - 85% Average or higher - all grades above 80%  or higher.
Second Honors - 80%  Average or higher - all grades must be 75% or higher.

Annual Honors Convocation

The Annual Honors Convocation, held in the fall of each school year, recognizes a student’s academic achievement from the previous school year. The Honor Roll for the Convocation is based on the weighted average of the
previous academic year in accord with the requirements for School Honors.