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The following courses, listed according to department, are suggested for 2020-2021 academic year. It is advisable for you to study the course description and requirements before making your course choice. Graduation requirements are outlined in the student agenda book. All courses require outside study in addition to class instruction. For Regents level courses that state “Regents exam” in the course description, the New York State Regents examination must be taken. Aquinas High School requires a minimum passing grade (65%) in all courses and on Regents examinations. While a Regents exam passing grade earns exam credit for incoming students, the exam does not mean course credit.  Incoming students who earn less than 80% on their Regents exam in elementary school must repeat the course in high school to earn high school credit in the subject. All students in Advanced Placement Courses must take the Advanced Placement exam.
Students who take both AP Seminar and AP Research and earn a 3 or higher on both AP exams will receive a Capstone Certificate. In addition, if a student earns a Capstone Certificate and earns a 3 or higher on 4 additional AP exams, she will receive a Capstone Diploma.
Course Type Weighting Factor
Standard 1.00
Regents 1.02
Honors 1.04
Advanced Placement (AP) 1.06
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