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Advanced Placement Exams 2020

Advanced Placement Exam Schedule 


Advanced Placement Information & Guidelines

The College Board has released its guidelines for all AP exams this year.  Please be sure to read and understand the following guidelines.

  • All AP exams will be administered online and be approximately 45 minutes long.  Teachers will go over the specific formats with you before the testing date.
    • Students will receive a link in their Aquinas e-mail with instructions on how to access the testing portal.
  • Responses can be typed or handwritten, but they must be uploaded at the end of the exam. You will have to take a picture of your handwritten responses.  You have five minutes to upload after the 45-minute testing period.  You will get the opportunity to practice with the testing software before the test date.
  • Anyone who has a problem with access either to a device or to the internet should notify the College Board, and they will be able to help. 
  • Students are allowed to use the resources they have during the exam.  This includes textbooks, notebooks, and the internet. That said, the time is very limited and students will not have time to complete the tasks and look up the answers.  Students should be strategic about how to use these resources. Checking a quick fact, remembering a name or event, or checking a concept are possible but anything more will probably take too long.  The college board is designing the tests to ensure that you cannot just look up the answer so you should not plan on that.
  • All social media, chat rooms, discussion groups and other forms of communication will be monitored.  If anyone uses this to attempt to get or discuss then answers their test will immediately end, and they will receive a zero.  In addition, any college that a student has applied to or will apply to in the future will be notified. The same will happen if anybody attempts to take the test for someone else.  Additionally, students may be barred from taking future SAT exams.
  • Your responses will be run through several plagiarism checks.  If any part of the exam is copied or plagiarized the same result applies.  You will receive a zero and all colleges will be notified.
  • If you miss your exam, please notify your teacher and Mr. Triana immediately. 
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